Jessica Horne | Editor in Chief

I love discovering and exploring the culinary world around me. From great restaurants to breweries, to checking out my local farmers market down the street; I love enjoying and supporting what the Sacramento region has to offer. I’m excited in sharing my verbal and visual take on the story behind what makes Sacramento the Farm-to-Fork Capitol of America!


Elisia Gonzales | Project Manager

I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of an influential community initiative. I grew up in a small city in Washington State and lucky to have access to fresh fruits that I could pick from the trees in my backyard. I believe that farm to fork is about supporting local and education. I love discovering new events in Sacramento and learning about the agriculture community. 


Darrin Terrazas | Content Contributor

I grew up in Sacramento. I love Sacramento. I spent 10 years away in the military, and the one place I wanted to be was in Sacramento. The food here is second only to the people of this city. I want to help connect people to the local food scene and make it a sense of pride for not only “foodies”, but to the average person lucky enough to be living in this region.


Kim Terrazas | Content Contributor

I graduated from Sacramento State University in 2013 with a B.A. in Nutrition and Food. Not only am I passionate about health & nutrition but I love to cook! Cooking and creating healthy recipes using local, fresh ingredients found in our gorgeous Sacramento Region is one of my passions. If you can’t find me cooking then I may be out wine tasting or at one of our local music festivals.