Butchering meat is a delicate skill that is usually assumed to be learned in culinary school or passed down from generation to generation. But regardless if you’re a master chef or microwaving some ramen in your apartment is your “go to”, there is a correct way and a wrong way to cutting meat & using knives…and Taylor’s Market wants you to learn the correct way.

With their Butchering 101 classes, they give you a learning experience like no other! From classes on butchering basic cuts of meat to seafood, poultry and hog, to learning about knife skills, techniques, and basic principles of butchering. Their classes usually run on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings with limited space. Pricing can vary depending on what the class is, but check out all the available classes and pricing at Taylor’s Market Butchering 101


SAT. JUN 22 – 10:00AM: “Hands on Hog Butchering”

MON. SEP 9 – 5:00PM:“Hands on Hog Butchering”

SAT. OCT 19 – 10:00AM: Taylor’s Market Butchering 201 “The Hog and Sausage Too!”

MON. NOV 11 –  5:00PM:“Hands on Hog Butchering”


Learn a new skill and impress your dinner guests. Register for a class today! Hurry….classes fill up fast!