If you love dessert but prefer just a hint of sweetness instead of something cloying after dinner, you’re in luck. Several local restaurants are turning out daringly inventive desserts that spotlight savory ingredients without giving up any of the satisfaction that a post-meal treat should deliver.

The Rind, for example, serves a blue cheese cheesecake that owner Sara Arbabian describes as fun and unexpected. “I love the idea of exploring different cheeses and desserts and demonstrating that cheese is more than an appetizer. It can also be sweetened up,” says Arbabian. In this dish, Point Reyes Original Blue is paired with mascarpone and cream cheese along with spiced nuts, port-soaked figs and a graham cracker crumble. “All of those elements come together so nicely: the saltiness, the creaminess, the sweetness, the texture. Even people who say they don’t normally eat blue cheese love it.”


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