House-made pasta is the focus at this 1-year-old restaurant in Roseville.

Marc Riedel, the chef behind Ciao in Roseville, has an Italian looking over his shoulder. It’s his business partner, Miranda Mulgeci, a native of Lucca in Italy’s Tuscany region. She considers it her job to make sure that the food at Ciao is as authentically Italian as possible.

The pair met while working together at a restaurant in downtown Roseville and teamed up to open Ciao last December. They wanted to serve simple, seasonal Italian food, focusing on pastas made fresh every day.

Mulgeci has strong opinions on the subject of pasta. Spaghetti is too thin for a rich meat sauce; the wide, flat pappardelle noodle is a better choice. Penne is perfect with pesto or ragu but not much else. “Penne is for lazy people,” she says. She’s joking, but she also means it. READ MORE…

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