Jameson Patton and Steve Walton officially began Greenleaf in 1976 by bringing outstanding organic produce from small local farms to young chefs – making it easy for them to get the high-quality seasonal fruits and vegetables they craved. Greenleaf blossomed by developing meaningful relationships with local farms and chefs across Northern California looking for top quality unique products; they help service independent restaurants, hotels & resorts, meal delivery, corporate cafes, catering, restaurant groups, wineries, universities, contracted & retail businesses.

There are many local farms that Greenleaf helps connect to chefs and businesses, and one of Greenleaf’s partners is Comanche Creek Farms. They has been known as one of the highest quality heirloom tomato growers in the greater northern California region for the past 5 years. They also specialize in small crop toy box squashes and unique hot chillies, like chocolate habaneros scorpion peppers and many more.

“Throughout the years working with Comanche Creek, we have gained an amazing partnership that helps drive new and exclusive products to our chefs.” – Greenleaf


Comanche Creek Farms began out of their desire to have the best tasting, wholesome, “picked at its peak”, produce. They began by experimenting with different varieties, which expanded their garden to the point of being able to supply finer restaurants in the local area, and in 1997 they began supplying restaurants on the North Coast.

“Working directly with Greenleaf over the past 10 years has saved my farm a tremendous amount of money and has given me peace of mind in knowing that customers are getting the highest quality and freshest produce I can grow. It is apparent how much Greenleaf really values the farmer and has our best interest in mind. The big difference between Greenleaf and everyone else is the Quality, this is a winning partnership for everyone.” – Jim Miller, Comanche Creek Owner

Just south of Chico, about 75 miles outside of Sacramento, Comanche Creek Farms is nestled against the riparian habitat of Comanche Creek.Their produce grows in the mineral rich soil of the Butte Creek alluvion fan. Out of respect for the environment, they have adopted a constructive organic approach to their farming. With the knowledge that soil is not simply a means for anchoring plant roots and holding artificial fertilizers to provide plant nutrients, they work with nature, recycling natural materials, and

growing cover crops to maintain soil fertility – and of course, they use only natural methods of pest control. These complex workings of creation have been successfully sustaining life for eons of time, their organic cultivation principals closely follow those found in the natural world.

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