Jameson Patton and Steve Walton officially began Greenleaf in 1976 by bringing outstanding organic produce from small local farms to young chefs – making it easy for them to get the high-quality seasonal fruits and vegetables they craved. Greenleaf blossomed by developing meaningful relationships with local farms and chefs across Northern California looking for top quality unique products; they help service independent restaurants, hotels & resorts, meal delivery, corporate cafes, catering, restaurant groups, wineries, universities, contracted & retail businesses.

There are many local farms that Greenleaf helps connect to chefs and businesses, and one of Greenleaf’s long time partners in speciality produce is Faurot Ranch, a family owned farm specializing in baby vegetables, lettuces and greens.


Founded 30 years ago in Watsonville, Faurot Ranch is a family-owned grower specializing in baby vegetables, lettuces and greens. Rod Faurot (Owner-Partner) who’s mother, purchased the property in 1948 and ran cattle until her passing hence, Faurot Ranch. This ground has been the Faurot family home since 1950 and has over the years been the site of various family endeavors. The actual farming operations started in 1984 with Arturo and just 2 acres of raspberries.

Arturo Sanchez (General Manager-Partner) came to the United States at the age of 18. Arturo’s first job was with his brother as he was farming leased land at Faurot Ranch. Arturo became a US citizen in 1999 and immediately registered to vote. Arturo loves his work as General Manager. He is responsible for all of the planning for, and annual rotation of products. He also oversees the daily operations which includes harvesting, packing and shipping.

Over the past 30 years, Faurot Ranch has grown tremendously as a result of dedication and perseverance.  They expanded from a small business offering only a few products to now offering a wide variety of baby vegetables, lettuces, and greens.  They take the time to process each order with care and do so in order to provide consistent, quality service.  They work as a family of growers, packers, and shippers to be one of the best specialty produce suppliers in the Monterey Bay area.

“We strive to provide the best product possible and do so with fresh flavors, consistency, and quality. Our membership in Leafy Greens is added assurance for our customers that we can do this.  We value the appearance of our product and know that appearance can make the first sale, but we also understand that it takes flavor and consistency for continuing sales.  Our product does not just stop at eye appeal.  We ensure a fresh, satisfying taste of each product every time.”  – Rod Faurot, Owner-Partner

Today, Faurot Ranch farms is about 90 acres and offer over 30 varieties of specialty vegetables. Rod is proud that with Arturo they have run a successful business for so many years providing quality products to customers across the United States and Internationally as well.

Faurot is a member of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, an organization with oversight by the California Department of Food and Agriculture that ensures strict food safety adherence for spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens.



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