Succulents are very easy to grow and you definitely don’t need to be a green thumb…especially if you forget to water sometimes. You won’t need a lot of space if growing in a pot or other creative container. They need very little water and come in variety of shapes and sizes.



  • Succulent Plants
  • Pots or other creative containers
  • E.B. Stone Cactus Mix
  • E.B. Stone Sure Start Organic Fertilizer
  • E.B. Stone Organic All Purpose Plant Food



Step 1: Choose a pot for your succulents. Make sure the pot has adequate holes in the bottom for drainage. Be sure you have a spot that gets lots of sunlight.

Step 2: Fill your pot ¾ with E.B. Stone Cactus Mix

Step 3: Gently place your succulents in the pot and fill the remainder of the pot with E.B. Stone Cactus Mix. Tamp the soil around each plant to ensure the roots are covered and water thoroughly.


Note: * Planting In-Ground: Dig a hole as deep as the original container and twice as wide. Mix 50/50 with E.B. Stone Cactus Mix with native soil. Gently place your succulent in the hole. Fill the remaining space in the hole with the 50/50 mixture and water thoroughly

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