Growing your own garden can be very rewarding, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done before you can just start planting. Kyle Hagerty from Urban Farmstead show us how to get your raised garden beds prepped for Spring and Summer planting.

Soil plays a major role in the success of your garden, and Kyle shows us how to use products like E.B. Stone Naturals Top Soil Plus, that will help improve drainage, soil retention, and loosen your soil. Watch the full video to learn about other factors that affect the quality of your soil, and how to get your raised garden bed ready for planting.



Constantly inspired by our region’s embrace of the farm-to-fork movement, Kyle is passionate about re-establishing the relationship between people and food. As he grows into a seasoned urban farmer, he loves to share what he has learned with others through his Instagram and the bi-weekly farm stand he hosts with his fiancée Morgan. Firefighter by day, he likes to spend his spare time outdoors gardening, foraging for wild food, hunting, and fishing. Follow him on instagram @UrbanFarmstead


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