Make your own beautiful hanging basket with either an assortment of flowers or just one style, or even using succulents or herbs and edible plants. It’s easy and simple to do, and is a great gift for Mother’s Day!


  • Hanging Basket of your choice
  • Beautiful blooming flowers or other plants of choice
  • E.B. Stone’s Ultimate Recipe Potting Soil
  • E.B. Stone Sure Start Organic Fertilizer
  • E.B. Stone Rose and Flower Food


Step 1: Pick out a hanging basket of your choice.

Step 2: Select heavy blooming annual flowers for your hanging basket. Be sure to choose flowers that will grow well for your space in sun or shade.

Step 3: Fill ¾ of the pot with E.B. Stone’s Ultimate Recipe Potting Soil. Arrange the flowers with taller ones towards the center of the basket and use trailing varieties for the edges.

Step 4: Sprinkle E.B. Stone Sure Start Organic Fertilizer on the roots to help reduce transplant shock. Cover the roots with E.B. Stone’s Ultimate Recipe Potting Soil and water thoroughly.


Note: *Depending on the temperature and the plant type, hanging baskets may need to be watered daily.

Growing blooming flowers: Hanging Baskets are a great way to spruce up an entry way or patio


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