Jameson Patton and Steve Walton officially began Greenleaf in 1976 by bringing outstanding organic produce from small local farms to young chefs – making it easy for them to get the high-quality seasonal fruits and vegetables they craved. Greenleaf blossomed by developing meaningful relationships with local farms and chefs across Northern California looking for top quality unique products; they help service independent restaurants, hotels & resorts, meal delivery, corporate cafes, catering, restaurant groups, wineries, universities, contracted & retail businesses.


One of Greenleaf’s longest standing partners is the family run Coke Farms out of San Juan Bautista, California. Coke Farms was founded in 1981 by Dale Coke who grew organic strawberries on his 1/4 acre farm.

Since then, Coke Farm has grown and evolved from an organic farming operation into a thriving organic produce aggregation company. Their produce hub represents a diverse group of local organic fruit and vegetable growers located in and around the central coast. They work with growers to develop growing plans, as well as receiving, cooling, selling and shipping wide variety of organic produce.

Coke Farm has been certified organic since 1981. As one of the founding members of CCOF, Dale Coke has long been concerned with the environmental and social issues surrounding organic crop production. Coke Farm is dedicated to providing delicious, healthy, organic produce not only as a service to their customers, but also for the betterment of the environment and the health of their hard-working employees.

Their modern shipping and cooling facility operates year round in San Juan Bautista, California, and they pride themselves on offering consistently high quality organic and specialty produce to local, regional, national and international markets.

“We have been working with Greenleaf for over 30 years. They are an incredibly loyal and dependable partner and together we have been able to create a good social model with about 60 different growers and 150 miles of crops. It is a partnership my family really values.” – Christine Coke

Coke Farms and Greenleaf were able to develop a partnership at the very beginning of the organic movement, which allowed the Coke Family to buy smaller properties across California. Even as Coke Farms grew to be a multi farm organic operation, their values and family tradition is what has kept Greenleaf and customers returning for their outstanding products.

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