Jameson Patton and Steve Walton officially began Greenleaf in 1976 by bringing outstanding organic produce from small local farms to young chefs – making it easy for them to get the high-quality seasonal fruits and vegetables they craved. Greenleaf blossomed by developing meaningful relationships with local farms and chefs across Northern California looking for top quality unique products; they help service independent restaurants, hotels & resorts, meal delivery, corporate cafes, catering, restaurant groups, wineries, universities, contracted & retail businesses.

And because of this unique partnership, many of Greenleafs farmers were able to grow new products, expand to multiple locations and focus on sustainable organic farming. Farms like County Line Harvest, where David Retsky was able to create outstanding greens and lettuces, root vegetables, and herbs. By working with Greenleaf, David was able to expand his farm to two locations in order to grow year round products at the highest quality.


David Retsky started County Line Harvest on a six-acre plot on the Sonoma-Marin County line before moving over the hill in 2007 to Red Hill Ranch in Marin County. Shortly after settling in on the new property, Marin Agriculture Land Trust acquired the easement on Red Hill Ranch, preserving it forever as farmland. Not only did this new property provide more acreage for cultivation, but the abundance of renewable on-site water and the MALT easement helped ensure the continuation of County Line’s goal to provide fresh produce to its surrounding communities. Over the years, CLH has developed a strong relationship with Greenleaf.

“We couldn’t be more proud that Greenleaf’s commitment to the farm has provided the support needed to sustain the farm and business.” – David Retsky

County Line Harvest is a certified organic farm with two locations in California:  Petaluma, Marin County and Thermal, Riverside County. Our two farms allow us to meet the varied produce demands of our customers year-round. Our crops are chosen based on climate suitability, taste and appearance. We grow lettuces, specialty salad and cooking greens; roots like beets, turnips, and carrots; herbs such as basil, parsley, dill, thyme, and oregano; plus strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and summer squash.

Our name, County Line Harvest, was inspired by the farm’s first location on the Sonoma-Marin County line. Since its start in 2000, the farm has expanded to our two current farms that, together, total nearly 100 acres.

County Line Harvest has been certified organic by Marin Organic Certified Agriculture (MOCA) since 2001. County Line Harvest continues its dedication to providing its surrounding communities with fresh and flavorful organically-grown produce.

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