Nayeli Lozano, Sophomore at Sonoma State University majoring in Environmental Studies and Planning with a minor in Biology


Article by: Crop Science

Growing up my dream job was farming because I was fascinated by my father’s knowledge and work out in the orchards. In 2014 that interest shifted to outdoor education and restoration projects. This was due to my involvement with the Student and Landowner Education and Stewardship (SLEWS) Program at Center for Land-Based Learning, which is focused on those topics. SLEWS provides students with field days that allows them to learn and volunteer through a hands-on experience outside of a classroom.
Over several years of experience through internships and research, I have learned that science has more to offer than meets the eye. I was able to explore and identify my interests through the practice of farming, research, or the study of insects. I’d like to share my few experiences, yet there is an abundance of careers and opportunities science has to offer…READ MORE


JaQuay Butler, Alumna of several of Center for Land-Based Learning’s programs. Currently finishing her last semester of a Master’s in Public Health program at Indiana University, Bloomington.

Article by: Crop Science

As I sit and reflect on my journey from high school and where I am now, I must give thanks to the opportunity that helped get me here.

I am a first-generation college student of low-socioeconomic status. I am from a large urban area, where you have to drive 20-30 minutes to reach farmland. I had never been to a farm, never heard the difference between organic and conventional agriculture – nor did I know what it meant. The first program I volunteered in was the Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship (SLEWS).

During this time, I learned a lot about habitat restoration, natural resources and agriculture; and about myself. I developed a passion for the environment. My participation in SLEWS led to my interest in the Farming, Agriculture and Resource Management for Sustainability leadership program (FARMS). FARMS taught me about sustainability and most importantly nutrition. We were always provided with healthy food choices that really changed the way I viewed my own unhealthy eating behaviors. This program taught me the importance of sustainability, and understanding the relationship between agriculture and the environment…READ MORE



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