California Ag Day is part of a National Ag Day campaign to bring together a variety of resources for the public to learn about. Since California is top producer of milk, strawberries, tomatoes, almonds, avocados, artichokes, grapes and other agriculture products, it’s important to recognize the significance of agriculture in our lives. Bottom line–food feeds us!

You can learn about all sorts of things you usually don’t think about. For example, there’s a California Wool Growers Association that appeared at last year’s Ag Day at the Capitol. Sheep have been a part of California’s history and are mentioned frequently in local histories of cities in the state. The land that towns have been built on often was used for sheep ranching.

You learn a lot of trivia about a variety of subjects (like sheep) at the State Capitol Ag Day. If you’re looking to expand your horizons, you might talk to beekeepers, learn about rice, floral arrangements, fairs, almonds, pork, poultry and the California School Garden Network. This event helps individuals to access resources for healthier, sustainable living and maybe even launch a new business or career!