In 2018, Center for Land-Based Learning will reach two big milestones–the FARMS Leadership Program will celebrate 25 years of programming and our Executive Director Mary Kimball will celebrate 20 years as a leader and has kept the vision and mission of Center for Land-Based Learning at the forefront of everything we do.

Recently an article was published in Edible Marin and Wine Country magazine about the FARMS Leadership Program about a Sonoma County participant named Jose. Jose wasn’t engaged in school and didn’t have any idea what the future held for him. His teacher, however, saw his potential and thought that an out-of-classroom learning experience might be just the thing to get him excited about learning. It worked and now Jose is enrolled at Santa Rosa Jr. College, with dreams of owning his own dairy one day. Click here to read article: Edible Marin & Wine Country.

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FARMS Leadership Program

The FARMS (Farming, Agriculture, and Resource Management for Sustainability) Leadership Program serves 400+ youth from 55 high schools in 16 California counties. Each student spends an average 35 hours in the field engaging in hands-on experiences at farms, wildlife areas, agriculture related businesses, colleges and universities. We currently run programs at twelve sites:



The FARMS Leadership Program provides innovative, hands-on experiences to urban, suburban and rural youth at working farms, agri-businesses and universities. Participants develop leadership skills and learn about agriculture practices that contribute to a healthier ecosystem, and connect to agricultural, environmental, and food system careers.

The core elements of the FARMS Leadership Program:


Working in small groups, students identify and complete a “Community Action Project” based on student interest and an identified community need. Leadership and teambuilding challenges are built into each field day.

College and Career Access

Each FARMS Leadership site visits at least one college or university to learn about college majors, academics, campus life, and career choices available in Agriculture, Environmental Science and related fields.


Students begin to understand the relationship between agriculture and the environment by engaging in hands-on projects, which demonstrate on-farm practices that conserve and help to renew natural resources. They learn about innovative ways farmers are adapting practices to reduce environmental impacts of farming, maintain the viability of family farms and feed an increasing population.


Meals are provided to students to model healthy food choices, expose students to fresh food and how to prepare it. Activities support student learning about nutrition, cooking and daily food choices.


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