Now’s the time to buy berries. Three-inch sleeves of berries from Dave Wilson Nursery have arrived at our nurseries. There are advantages to buying berries in three-inch sleeves:

  • Best selection is this time of the year.
  • Prices are better than any other time of year, because the size is economical.
  • Check out our selection and prices
  • The three-inch berry plants make a great gift for that gardener of yours!

Here’s a look at the varieties available at all five locations:


Did you know?
A boysenberry is a cross between a raspberry, blackberry and loganberry, developed in the 1920s by California botanist Charles Rudolph Boysen.

Boysenberry produces large, juicy, and delicious. Sweet-tart berries famous for jams and pies.



Black Satin Blackberry (Thornless) produces an abundant crop of large delicious sweet blackberries June through July. Large berries are one inch.

Marion Blackberry produces large, firm, bright berries that are sweet. Considered the best for pies.

Olallieberry is classified as a blackberry. The fruit is large with a unique sweet-tart flavor.

Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry has large fruit with amazing flavor that ripens mid-summer.

Triple Crown Blackberry (Thornless) produces medium to large, very flavorful berries. Dense foliage prevents sun scald when planted in sunny areas.


Did you know?

Blackberries and raspberries differ in that when you pick a blackberry the stem usually stays with the fruit, while raspberry stems usually stay with the plant which causes the hollow core in the berry.



Baba Red Raspberry produces a large crop of large raspberries in early summer and then another, smaller crop in fall. Berries are very tasty and can get as large as one inch.

Canby Raspberry (Thornless) produces delicious large, firm fruit. Berries are very red and ripen mid-summer.

Heritage Raspberry has large, sweet, dark red berries. Mild flavor with an excellent crop. Two fruiting times; a moderate crop in June and July, and a heavier crop in August, lasting into fall.

Jewel Black Raspberry produces compact clusters of large, to very large fruit, May through June. Jewel has a rich raspberry flavor.

Willamette Red Raspberry produces large, to very large, firm, deep red raspberries, with a slightly tart flavor. Expect fruit June through July.

Goji .jpg

And, Let’s Not Forget The UniqueVarieties

Goji Berry produces bright red berries. Bitter taste when fresh, often dried and incorporated into recipes. Contains the highest antioxidant level of any berry. Drought tolerant once established. Considered the “Super Fruit”.


Gooseberries – popular in Europe – are becoming popular in the States. Gooseberries offer both a tart berry and sweet berry on the same bush.

Black Velvet Gooseberry is a large sweet purple gooseberry that resembles a blueberry.

Hinnomake Red Gooseberry is red with a tangy skin and very sweet flesh.

Pixwell Gooseberry starts out green and turns a pinkish hue when it is fully ripe. Very sweet.