The hunt to find that perfect holiday gift. The stress builds…the anxiety takes over. You’re running out of time and ideas. And then it happens. You give up and grab a random gift card at the checkout while you’re getting groceries. Ugh! So impersonal but it will have to do.

Well let’s change it up this year. Get crafty with farm-to-fork gifts! Not only will you help support local businesses and farmers, but your gift will be the belle of the ball! Let your gifts be unique, thoughtful, personal and conversation starters to share your knowledge on all things farm-to-fork.

There’s so many great businesses in the Sacramento region that take pride in handcrafting local products that are locally sourced. You can go out and purchase a gift, but you can also get crafty and make your very own farm-to-fork gifts that will add that special touch. Here are just a few gift ideas to get you started…


Preservation & co.

pickles_300x300Offering products that are hand-crafted and hand-packed, using local, seasonal produce, every product is made in their production kitchen on 19th st. in the heart of Midtown Sacramento. They carry all sorts of yummy unique items like their spicy pickles or their 32oz. all-natural bloody mary mix for only $9.00. There’s no added preservatives, it’s gluten free and vegan. Throw that in a basket with a jar of their pickled black pepper asparagus and some cute cocktail glasses…and you have an adorable unique gift for that bloody mary lover in your life. Or, if you don’t have time or don’t have the creative skills to put a basket of goodies together, don’t worry, they have amazing pre-made gift packs for all price ranges. Learn More


Homemade Salsa in a Mason Jar


If you’ve never made homemade salsa, put down your taco and visit your local farmers market or grocery store like Raley’s or Bel Air that have a great selection of local produce. Making salsa is so simple. All you need are a few ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, onion, cilantro, garlic, and whatever else you may want to throw into your batch. Just get some mason jars, maybe some decorative ribbon and handmade tags, and voila! Make up your favorite salsa and depending on how much you make, you’ll have enough for multiple gifts to go around. Your friends and family will definitely appreciate the time and love you put into making a spicy Feliz Navidad to enjoy!


Local Booze is Always Good

 beer_300x300You can never go wrong with giving the gift of booze for Christmas (of course only if you’re 21 or older). Many local stores carry a great selection of locally brewed craft beers that you can buy individually or wine from local wineries. Just put in a cool wooden carrier that I’ve seen at craft stores or pair with some local cheese and nuts. Your gift will definitely be enjoyed, and maybe they’ll even share some with you. Tis the season to be merry!


All else fails…a Gift Certificate

A plastic gift card from a major chain is one thing, but getting a local gift certificate from a local farm-to-fork restaurant is totally different. Not only are you supporting a local business that supports local farmers, but it adds a personal touch that you’ve taken the time to select a special place for a special person to enjoy. And with the holidays always being hectic with baking cookies, hosting parties and preparing that Christmas dinner, I’m sure everyone enjoys a night out and a night off from cooking in their own kitchen. Find a local farm-to-fork restaurant in our directory and purchase a gift certificate today!