There’s bound to be a slew of family discussions and debate at the dinner table this thanksgiving since 2017 has been quite a whirlwind. Worry not! Here are some Hacks to make this year’s Thursday for being thankful (and all the impending discussions and debates) a little bit easier to swallow.

1. FLUFFIER MASHED POTATOES: Add a pinch or two of baking powder to mashed potatoes just before mashing for extra fluff.


2. JUICY TURKEY: Use chicken broth to revive dry turkey.


3. FESTIVE ICE: Freeze Cranberries over night for a more festive drink cooler.


4. YOU FORGOT TO DEFROST: Frozen butter? No problem. Grate frozen butter into your recipe.


5. FAST PREP: Chop and Prep your vegetables the night before to cut recipe times down. You could even go as far as setting the table the night before.


6. RECIPES NEVER LOST OR RUINED: Tape your recipes to the cabinet to free up counter space and keep them food free. If you don’t have a printer, use a phone stand or suctioned phone holder on a proper surface to keep your phone from being baked into the pie.


7. FLAKIER PIE CRUST: Add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar to a single pie crust serving for flakier crust.


8. QUICK COOKIE CUTTER: Use a glass cup as a cookie cutter for biscuits or sweet treats.


9. OVEN READY PIES: Make all of your pies ahead of time and freeze them unbaked.


10. WARM GRAVY: Use a coffee thermos to keep gravy warm.


11. EVENLY COOKED TURKEY: If one part of the turkey starts to brown quicker, just cover it with foil.


12. FREE UP FRIDGE SPACE: Put all of your condiments in an ice chest to free up fridge space.


13. QUICK POTATO PEEL: Boil potatoes with skin on and shock them with cold water. This should make peeling a breeze.


14. PROPER PORTIONS: Cook your stuffing in muffin tins. It’s the perfect serving size and texture which means no complaining!