Rising Up and Growing Out

From a Dump to a Recycled Beautiful 5 Acre Garden Center

Green Acres Nursery & Supply

since 2003, we’ve provided the greater sacramento community with our best plants and garden know-how, helping our community grow the “farm” in farm-to-fork.

It was one family’s dream to open a plant nursery, offering high quality plants and landscape products, with fair prices with excellent service. In Roseville, California in 2003 the Gill family began that journey.

Mark Gill, along with his two adult children, Ashley Gill Rossi and Travis Gill opened the first Green Acres Nursery & Supply location. The building was previously the city dump’s transfer site, which they recycled into a beautiful five acre garden center. They opened on a sweltering Fourth of July day in 2003. Their first customer was, in fact, someone who brought a bag of trash, not knowing about the change in ownership.

The Gill family pushed through the first years and enjoyed helping provide plants and flowers for the booming housing market in Roseville. Green Acres subsequently purchased the old Matsuda’s nursery location in Sacramento in 2008. While the state of the local economy wasn’t quite in their favor, they stuck to the basics, and continued providing quality plant material at fair prices with garden knowledge that could only come from the best plant nerds. Due to their commitment, they not only made it through the downturn, they continued to thrive.

Green Acres Nursery & Supply opened its third nursery in Folsom in 2012, recycling a Circuit City building just off of highway 50. In 2015, the fourth nursery took shape in Elk Grove, being the first of the nurseries to be constructed from the ground up. And, almost exactly one year later, the Rocklin nursery celebrated its grand opening.

The garden and landscape industry has certainly transformed over the last decade. Seeing a shift toward more organic gardening and increased excitement about eating what you grow. Innovations in container and small-space gardening, has revolutionized the industry, and opened the door to edible gardening for everyone, despite homeownership, age or skill level.

The team at Green Acres Nursery & Supply prides itself as being a family of “plant nerds.” They love to share their knowledge through year ‘round workshops and community events, fostering a growing group of get-your-hands-dirty, edible gardeners. Showing folks they can grow what they love and experience the deliciousness of eating the sweetest sugar snap pea or the juiciest tomato on record—all from their own backyards—is what Farm to Fork is all about.