edible landscaping is on the rise and these plants are finding their way to the forefront of the garden.

Typically in Sacramento, edibles such as vegetables, herbs, fruit trees & shrubs have been relegated to the depths of the backyard. Recently, edible landscaping is on the rise and these plants are finding their way to the forefront of the garden, where their decorative foliage, flowers and fruit can be appreciated as well as tasted. 

Read on to learn about our favorite edibles that produce tasty food  while serving a beautiful function in the garden.


Reasons to grow edibles in your landscape*

  • Fewer Pests: It’s always a good idea to practice crop rotation in your veggie garden. By planting your veggies among ornamentals, you will reduce soil-borne pests such as verticillium wilt and make it more difficult for insect pests to find your precious harvest. 
  • Increased Pollination: Many fruits and vegetables require pollination to set fruit. By intermingling your flowers and your fruits, you’ll encourage more pollinators to your garden by providing them with a diverse array of food. 
  • Multi-Purpose Plants: By choosing screening shrubs, trees, groundcovers and flowers that are edible as well as ornamental, you get the most out of every square inch of garden space. Here are some problem-solving plants which produce something tasty**:


Privacy Screens: Pineapple Guava, Sweet Bay, Espalier Fruit Trees

Vines: Grape, Kiwi

Trees: Fig, Spice Zee Nectaplum, Persimmon

Shrubs: Bountiful Blue Blueberry, Rosemary, English Lavender

Groundcovers: Strawberry, Mint, Thyme

Colorful Foliage, Flowers or Fruit: Sage, Chives, Swiss Chard, Artichoke


Want to get started with foodscaping? Learn which veggies and herbs you can plant by clicking below.


*When combining ornamentals and edibles in the garden, it’s important to always use organic fertilizers and pesticides. 

**Availability varies throughout the season. Call one of our five locations for current selection.