Nonprofit powerhouse Saint John’s Program for Real Change is showing the Sacramento community what it means to truly make a positive impact on the lives of women and children in need. The 31 year-old nonprofit began as a typical overnight shelter offering a roof and a meal but has since transformed into a complete comprehensive program for homeless women and children. Their thorough program takes between 12 and 18 months to complete but it’s more than just a tutorial. For many women, their one of a kind program means a fresh start. And with a staggering 96% success rate, you can bet success is more than just a goal here, it’s a reality. Saint John’s Capital Campaign is a fundraising effort with the goal of increasing the number of women they are able to serve at a given time. This isn’t just change, this is REAL change.

W“We’ve gone from providing for 30 women 31 years ago, to providing programs for close to 600 women.” Said Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development, Phil MacDougall. “But the need is so strong out there in the community that we have people waiting to get into our program. Between 200-300 [women] are on the waitlist every night trying to get in.”


he capital campaign is a campaign aiming to raise a little over 4.4 million dollars to provide rooms for another 90 women and children. Contributing to this campaign is literally life changing!

What makes Saint John’s so unique, is their attention to detail with every client they encounter. Each person is given the opportunity to address their Individual struggles and given the tools necessary to work through them.

“This program is not just overnight. It includes counseling, workforce development, Microsoft proficiencies, and the completion of a high school equivalent education. All of those things are a part of why we are successful and why the numbers are so big,” MacDougall said.

It’s no wonder these women are able graduate the program without relying on government subsidies. The clients even learn what it means to hold down a job. Which really comes in handy for the women who are working at Plates Midtown, a restaurant owned and operated by Saint John’s right in the middle of downtown Sacramento. Here, you can dine in and feast on a farm-to-fork meal prepared and served by these wonderful ladies. So you get to taste a farm-to-fork masterpiece and a chance to give back. It’s a win win here!

Saint John’s Program for Real Change leaves you feeling nothing more than inspired.

Luckily, it’s easy to be a part of the change. Whether you want to volunteer, donate to the campaign or dine in at Plates Midtown, all efforts are appreciated and encouraged. Start by taking a tour to see exactly how it all works! If time or a donation is a bit out of reach, simply sharing this campaign with your network of friends could be the difference between 90 women starting a new life.