From tanks to turtle necks, flip flops to boots and watermelon to Pumpkin. Yes, we’re talking fall! For all you local shoppers and seasonal eaters out there, you know that eating fruits and veggies in their peak harvesting season means you’re eating produce that is super fresh, local, and high quality. You also probably know that all good things must come to an end… until next year that is!

So even though our summer food favorites are coming to a close it’s time to get excited for fall’s delectable food selections. We’ll miss you watermelon, but let’s all give a warm welcome to the return on my long lost friend…..Pumpkin spice. It’s good to see you buddy :’)

1. Apples (August – November)
1 Apple2. Butternut Squash (Peak Season: September- November)2 butternut squash3. Spaghetti Squash (Peak Season: September- November)
3 spagettti squash4. Pumpkin (Peak Season: September- November)
4 pumpkin5. Sweet Potatoes (Peak season: October to March)
5 sweet potato6. Pears (Peak season: August to January)
6 pears7. Cauliflower (Peak season: September – November)
7 cauliflower8. Brussel Sprouts (Peak season: September – November)
8 brussel9. Pomegranates (August – December)
9 pome gran10. Kale (Peak Season: July- December)
10 kale11. Acorn Squash (Peak Season: September- November)
11 Acorn Squash12. Eggplant (Peak season: July-October)
12 Eggplant13. Figs (Peak Season: June- October)
13 figs14. Grapes (Peak season: July-December)
14 grapes15. Limes (Peak season: May-October)
15 limes16. Cranberries (Peak season: October-November)
16 Cranberries

We’re excited to welcome fall foods with open arms and open mouths! Especially since we have an excuse to try all the pumpkin-flavored items on the menus of Sacramento’s seasonal Farm-to-Fork restaurants.