Did you know that only 4% of kids eat enough veggies?! And many of these kids have never even seen broccoli before – that’s crazy! With 40% of Sacramento kids struggling with obesity, and about two generations of Americans don’t really know how to cook, as a community, we need to come together to inspire kids to eat their vegetables and educate them on healthy choices! That is why Eat Farm to Fork is teaming up with the Food Literacy Center to help improve healthy eating habits among low-income children and to help reduce obesity rates.


Join our “Totally Radish Team” in raising $3,000 for the Food Literacy Center, but we need your help! Your donation allows Food Literacy Center to teach more kids, train more Food Geniuses, buy more broccoli, and create meaningful public programs to build a healthy, sustainable community. Let’s get kids to have fun with vegetables that will create a lifetime of healthy habits.



Your generous donation will be matched by Celebrity Cruises up to $3,000!

A totally radish thank you to our sponsor, Celebrity Cruises, who prides themselves on creating healthy food options aboard their cruises. 




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  • To inspire kids to eat their vegetables. They teach low-income elementary students cooking and nutrition to improve our health, environment, and economy.
  • Studies show that combined nutrition/cooking programs reduce obesity rates. By teaching kids to eat fruits and vegetables and reduce sugar and fat consumption, Food Literacy Center is preventing childhood obesity!
  • In Food Literacy Center’s classrooms, students learn fruit and vegetable appreciation, how to read nutrition labels, cooking skills, and environmental impacts of their food choices – and they have fun!
  • When kids are taught healthy choices early, they’re more likely to grow up to be health-conscious adults, and importantly they’ll help their parents, teachers and communities to become healthier, too. Food Literacy Center uses positive reinforcement, getting kids excited about fruits and vegetables through culturally appropriate recipes and hands-on activities.


  • Food Literacy Center’s goals include reducing childhood obesity and improving healthy eating habits among low-income children, increasing environmental stewardship and supporting community development that sustains healthy food choices in communities of highest need. Their goal is also for kids to have fun and develop love for healthy food that creates a lifetime of healthy habits.