Did you know? Only 4% of kids eat their recommended vegetables, and 40% of Sacramento kids struggle with obesity. In America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, we have to do better!

Intern Kevin and I visited the food literacy kids to experience the joy firsthand. With kid chefs chopping, dicing and grating, and plates overflowing with local and seasonal veggies, food literacy class exemplifies what it means to Eat Farm-to-Fork and #KeepSacFresh.

Food Literacy Center is a Sacramento-based nonprofit that inspires kids to eat their vegetables! They teach low-income elementary students cooking and nutrition. Students taste new fruits and vegetables, cook – and they have fun.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what second grader Taneisha said. She loves food literacy class, because: “I get to taste new food AND it’s fresh!”

When kids learn healthy choices, they’re more likely to grow up as vegetable-loving adults, and they’ll help their parents and teachers eat healthier, too.

Join the rhubarb revolution! Help Food Literacy Center inspire more kids to eat their vegetables! Help us reach our goal of raising $3,000 for the Food Literacy Center – Donate Today!

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