Food… Is… Everywhere! So all forks should be created equal right? Even though you can spot a restaurant or grocer on nearly every corner, that doesn’t necessarily mean the food is accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, there are people who suffer from what is being referred to as “Food Insecurity.”

So, let’s talk about the term food insecurity for a bit. In every community there’s a good amount of people that don’t always get a chance to experience fresh healthy food. Unfortunately, this includes America’s Farm-to-Fork capital. Fortunately, our community does have some very proactive advocates raising awareness on this very issue, with remarkable events like the Farm-to-Every-Fork Dinner.

The goal of this particular charity event, is to make sure our communities know that the Sacramento region has a plethora of farm fresh and local food to offer, and that every fork deserves to be a part of it.

Here’s the best part. Farm-to-Every-Fork is the kickoff event to the Farm-to-Fork Festival, one of the cities largest festivals of the year. Greg Norrish, one of Farm-to-Every-Fork’s event coordinators, is more than thrilled to start the conversation (not only about the Farm-to-Fork movement), but also about the food insecurity issues facing us here in the Sacramento region, and in America at large.

“I think it just truly sets the tone for people to be conscious about their food conversations they have throughout the [Farm to Fork] week. Most of the events are about really celebrating what our region has to offer, which is great, but there’s this other side of the conversation that needs to be acknowledged.” Norrish explained.

The annual Farm-to-Fork festivities doesn’t just acknowledge the other side of the conversation, it takes action. With the help of renowned Chef Michael Thiemann and some of the best local producers and farms; 150 people will get to enjoy a delectable sit down dinner. Half the guests are ticket buyers and the other 75 are former clients, those who are a part of the food conversation, or people who have actually experienced food insecurity.


“How can you address hunger and food insecurity issues, if the areas that are producing the most food are overlooking those people? Our problems are not unique to Sacramento but our approach is pretty unique. If those efforts continue to spread then that’s great especially if the benefits of the event do spread past Sacramento. Farm-to-Fork is a city identity.” Norrish said.

The thing that we love here at Eat Farm-to-Fork is the communal commitment this dinner represents to end hunger and Greg Norrish feels like the Sacramento region is taking strides in the right direction.

“For every incredible food item that we get to eat, there is either someone who produced it or someone who doesn’t get to have it. We need to realize who doesn’t get that opportunity and why that is. We need to figure out why there are so many going without food even though we are producing so much at such a high quality.” Says Norrish.

Tickets are on sale for $150 per plate, not only does your ticket buying a meal for you; it also funds a meal for a sponsored guest who has experienced food insecurity. That’s pretty cool if you ask us. And moreover, the benefit supports many excellent organizations such as the Homeless Organizing CommitteeOak Park Sol, Angels of the Fields, TLC Food Kitchen, Sacramento Loaves & Fishes and the Sacramento Hunger Coalition.


As the event creators put it, “We’ll break bread together, share stories, and understand better the challenges facing over one quarter million of our neighbors who are food insecure, uplifting the giving and work of individuals, families and organizations whose innovations feed thousands daily.”

Sacramento has been dubbed the Farm-to-Fork capital of America, and rightfully so. We not only supply some of the freshest quality food around but we also give back.

To learn more about the Farm-to-Every-Fork community dinner, or how you can donate to this cause, Click Here