Fresh juicy favorite,  watermelon, has made its official summer season return.  Eat Farm-to-Fork wants to help you do it right this time, because there is no greater disappointment than getting home and finally slicing open what turns out to be pale and tasteless watermelon. It’s a first world problem like no other. Luckily, we’ve got 6 tips that will help you become a watermelon picking expert, so you can be the watermelon hero at your next BBQ.

1. Color counts!

Green usually means premature but in this case green is good. Real good. Look for a melon that is a darker shade of green, because the darker the melon the sweeter the juice. Make sure it’s a green that the other melons would be envious of.


2. Watch the Shine!

Shiny, pretty, and new is always a good thing, right? But in this case, shiny and new means premature and bland. Go for the melon with a dull finish. You want a more mature melon that knows what it means to be sweet.

3. Knock Knock

Who’s there? Sounds like no one. Give your melon a good knock and listen for a hollow sound. You want to go for more of a tenor sound rather than bass. A deep sound indicates an unripe melon.

4. Pick it up

And take it on a date, or to a BBQ, or a picnic. But first, check the weight. A good watermelon should feel heavy for its size because it carries more water. So you might need two hands when getting from point A to B.

5. Hello Yellow!

Flip over the watermelon and look for the field spot where the watermelon normally rests on the ground.  The color helps determine sweetness. The more yellow the field spot, the sweeter the reward.


6. Let it roll

The shape of the watermelon matters too. A round, more circular melon is better than its oval counterpart. But whether it’s round or oval, just make sure it’s uniformly shaped. Misshaped melons can mean certain parts received more water than others. Be sure it doesn’t roll away when you set it down.