By: Delayna Fitzgerald

It’s Farm-to-Fork celebration season! Tis’ the season to celebrate seasonal, as I like to say. Just don’t try that five times fast. With the Farm-to-Fork Festival coming up on September 24th, Sacramento is hosting a slew of events to celebrate Americas Farm-to-Fork capital. If you consider yourself a Farm-to-Fork foodie, then you may already be participating without even realizing it. That’s not a bad thing either. I’m referring to Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Weeks going on from September 8th thru the 25th.

Restaurant Weeks PosterRestaurant Weeks, presented by Raley’s, is an 18-day event designed to showcase the Sacramento region as the culinary powerhouse that it is! Participating local restaurants host special menus (or menu items) that highlight local farmers, winemakers, brewers and more! A portion of all proceeds made during the 18 day event, will be donated to the Food Literacy Center. So basically all you have to do is dine out at a delicious Farm-to-Fork restaurant participating in the event. That sounds a little too easy and a little fun if you ask me. Well hold onto your bibs ladies and gents, because there’s more!

Restaurant Weeks is also home to the “Dine. Find. Win.” Campaign, where restaurant patrons have a chance to win two tickets to the coveted Tower Bridge Dinner, or gift cards to local Farm-to-Fork restaurants. This is not a drill! Here’s how it works.

DINE: Ask for the Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Weeks menu! Order an item marked with the Farm-to-Fork logo, for a chance to win some remarkable and exclusive prizes.

FIND: When your check arrives, open it up! If you find a Golden Ticket, you’re a winner! Thank you Mr. Wonka!

WIN: Win one or more of the Golden Ticket prizes, including 2 tickets to the coveted Tower Bridge Dinner presented by Cadillac. Only 15 Golden Tickets exist throughout the region! So you better eat often and at as many places possible.

There are no gimmicks here people. All you have to do is eat and you can win tickets or vouchers to eat more! What a wonderful regional wonderland we live in.

Eat Farm-to-Fork had the opportunity to do a restaurant weeks preview, where we were paired with Sacramento’s own Farm-to-Fork ‘phenom and restaurant weeks participant, Magpie. This restaurant is certainly a Sacramento gem, and a must try for anyone who appreciates high quality, fresh and local food. It’s also for anyone who enjoys carefully crafted flavors that envelop their taste buds; because it’s basically a delicious, yet sophisticated food frenzy in your mouth.

r weeks 2

Magpie is known for their ever-changing seasonal menu; that highlights the region’s best farms, breweries, wineries and then some. The culinary prowess behind Magpie is power team is Janel Inouye and Ed Roehr. They’ve had roaring success with their restaurant Magpie (now located on 16th and P Streets) and have since opened their second restaurant, Nido café on R Street. We got a chance to preview some of the amazingly tasty menu items at both Nido and Magpie. Items you can also find during restaurant weeks

It was refreshing to find that the menu items we tasted were made completely in house. You can truly taste the appreciation for food that goes into every bite. Magpie’s vegetable plate is one of the highlighted menu items. The vegetable entrée at Magpie, in particular, was a seasonal vegetable plate that’s totally vegetarian friendly. It was beautifully served with a fresh side salad, pickled onions, red Jimmy Nardello peppers, a grilled Avocado half nesting in a rich and tangy red pepper sauce. Cooked carrots, roasted eggplant from soil born farms, along with fresh cannellini beans from elegant beans, plus juicy Yellow Corn from Brentwood, are all roasted together in Arbosana Olive Oil.

r week 4

This dish was utterly fresh and delicious. It pairs wonderfully with one of their crafted cocktails or local craft brews. Magpie is definitely a stop for anyone wanting to participate in Restaurant Weeks. Not only can you win a Golden Ticket, but you can also help a cause and leave with a full, satisfied belly.
We definitely recommend trying the delectable menu items you can find at both magpie and Nido café, through Restaurant Weeks and beyond. They have a slew of menu items that cater to almost any audience. Vegans and carnivores alike! But what all the dishes have in common is an unbeatable freshness you probably can’t find in other parts of the country. Sacramento is definitely the place to be when it comes to all things food and all things fresh.

So what are you waiting for?! We’ll see you out over the next couple weeks Farm-to-Fork diners! Happy forking and #KeepSacFresh