Yes! It’s time for Sacramento cocktail week, and no…this is not a drill! This Annual event is designed to celebrate superb spirits, fresh products and local bartenders as they highlight their artisan hand in the art of cocktail creation. Need I even explain why you should be there? The Farm-to-Fork Capital of America will be hosting events centered around Cocktails all week long, people! Shake up your week with a mighty fine drink, or get your passion for the craft of mixology all stirred up if you prefer.

Cocktail enthusiast Erick Castro and Joe Anthony Savala concocted Sacramento Cocktail Week back in 2008. They hoped to highlight their juicy passion for the food and beverage industry in Sacramento, with the finest and freshest ingredients the region has to offer. It wasn’t long after, the Cocktail Collective was formed in 2009. This collective of connoisseurs is comprised of cocktail professionals and enthusiasts all dedicated to adding a fresh sprig of mint to Sacramento, and making a top notch event.

So why does the cocktail deserve a weeklong celebration? Well we here at Eat Farm-to-Fork have our own opinions on that. They’re fun, visual, engaging and social. Just like us! And unlike many food and beverage items, a cocktail is prepared in a cozy lounge or casual bar instead of a closed off kitchen. So when you’re eagerly sitting bar side waiting for that awesome Farm-to-Fork eating experience being prepared in that mysterious cauldron of a kitchen awesomeness; you not only get a delicious drink of your choice, but you also get a unique visual experience and probably some quality conversation as well.

The cocktail is the drink that keeps on giving. Its flavors are carefully layered and easy to love. But, cocktails aren’t just a drink with a lime. They are lovingly crafted and prepared by pairing sensational spirits, fine granulated sugar, fresh spring water and flavorful bitters. Getting to participate in the preparation process is not only a great way to appreciate the craft but also to learn it. So technically you could add “educational” to the list of reasons to enjoy a drink this week, right?

The crafty event creators are ecstatic with its success and hope that people from all over the country visit Sacramento to participate and put a smile on their face. A much-needed night out paired with a fine cocktail is the only chaser you need after a tedious workday. So, grab a glass and a friend to celebrate Sacramento’s artisan cocktail movement! I’ll be ordering mine on the rocks.


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All photography in this article generously provided by @sacfoodie on Instagram