A Locals Guide to Sacramento Beer Week

Source: Eatframtofork.com
February 22, 2016

Here at EatFarmToFork.com, we’re all about local beer. Local beer and the folks that pour their passion and soul into every frothy drop, are a huge part of the Eat Farm to Fork family. From light brew to dark brew and everything in between, we cheer for beer!

When we realized that Sacramento Beer Week was on the horizon, February 25th- March 6th, there was a serious buzz around the office (no, not that kind of a buzz…unfortunately). It was all the gossip at the water cooler and in our weekly EatF2F production meeting. But we found a problem. With nearly a gazillion or so different themed events, 125+ breweries, 300 varieties of locally-crafted brews, fresh local food, and more activities than you can throw a coaster at; it was evident that we needed to come up with a local’s guide to celebrating one of the most wondrous weeks of the year.

Well, we decided to do a little research. Okay. We did a lot of research (smiley winky face), and compiled some staff recommendations to help you navigate through the first few days of the hop filled maze, that is all things locally brewed in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital: The Sacramento region.

February 25th, kick off Sac Beer Week the right way, with the Sacramento Brewer’s Showcase at Cal Expo, starting at 6pm. In true Willie Wonka fashion you can stroll a beer soaked landscape, where all of your hoppy dreams can come true (Sorry…we have confirmed that there is no Chocolate Porter river). Discover mouth-watering food along with 30+ local brewers and an insane amount of liquid pleasure.

After you grab a beer or two, visit the EatFarmToFork.com booth for a friendly game of Cornhole, and be entered to win a gift certificate for some farm-to-fork grub at a local restaurant. It should be a night to remember…or not.

With Thursday down and more than a few beers under your slowly expanding belt, Friday offers a couple of the more entertaining options from the Sac Beer Week “things to do” arsenal.

Give your gray matter a workout along with your favorite bicep, with an evening of useless facts and brainpower prowess. They say beer makes you smarter and there is no better place to put that theory to the test, than at Sudwerk Brewing Co from 4-8pm. “We’ll take Pliney the Elder for 400 please, Alex!”

If brain games aren’t your thing that night, we recommend you don your best engineer’s cap to get your inner child and your outer adult ready for the Beer Train. That’s right. Childhood meets adulthood on a train ride filled with BEER! This three-hour tour, from 6:30-9:30pm; is gonna be jam packed with drinks, food and fun on the Sacramento Rivertrain. It’s sure to beat any ill-fated pleasure cruise, on a tiny fishing boat, with your little buddy.

Ok. Now were moving into day three and you‘ve been a real trooper. With all the imbibing over the last couple of days, during Sac Beer Week, there’s nothing better on a Saturday than to soak up the sins of the night before with the tasty offerings of Beer Brunch at Capital Garage from 8am-3pm. Brunch and more beer? Yes, please! Nom, slurp, nom, slurp, nom, slurp.

Heading into Sunday, you’re probably trying to figure out how to keep up the pace without having to unbutton your pants when the week is over. Beat that bloat with a leisurely jog in the 5K Beer Run, starting at New Helvetia around 11am. There will be plenty of beer at the finish line to replenish your energy, not to mention you get a cool shirt and beer vouchers to celebrate your sweaty 3 mile trek through our fair city.

Now that your well rested from your weekend of all things beer, continue your hop laden adventure with beer’s super soul mate, pizza! Enjoy some of the best Chicago style pizza this side of the windy city at Chicago Fire’s Beer and Pizza dinner from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Pizza and Beer is definitely the best prescription for any case of the Mondays.

Well, we’ve guided you through Monday and there’s still 6 more days, of Sac Beer Week, left. Wait a minute…now that we’re doing the math…that’s waaaay more than a week. Score! You’ve got a lot to consider moving forward on your Sac Beer Week quest, and of course we are always happy to help.

To find, connect with and share your beertastic experience this week, explore EatFarmToFork.com. And of course, we want you to make it to beer week next year. So, when you plan on celebrating any of our local brew masters, and their incredible contribution to keeping beer in the Sacramento region local and fresh, drink responsibly and make sure you have a designated driver or your favorite ride sharing app on hand.

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